Qiagen Sciences U. S. Manufacturing and Research Facility

Germantown, MD
Owner: Qiagen Sciences, Inc.
Architect: CDI – Herzog Hart
Contract Value: $9.1 Million

This 200,000 square foot complex combines research laboratories with state of the art biotechnology production facilities, administrative office areas and a packaging, warehousing and shipping operation.  The mechanical systems incorporate chilled water and steam systems serving custom air handlers as well as providing steam and hot water for the production systems.  There are orbital welded stainless steel process piping systems, validated to FDA standards with stainless steel and conventional exhaust and air conditioning systems.

Pierce Associates was selected early in the preconstruction process to assist with budgeting and cost control efforts, and provided assistance to the designer with constructability issues and coordination of building services.

HVAC Piping systems and equipment include (2) 900 ton centrifugal chillers, induced draft cooling towers, (2) 400 HP steam fire tube boilers and deaerator. Process systems and equipment include (2) 2500 L, (2) 1250 L, (2) 500 L, (2) 200 L process vessels with agitators, an automatic filling line, bulk isopropyl tank farm package, instrument air, cleaned in place, process drain, isopropyl alcohol, process fluids, process vent, and USP (pure) water piping.