FDA Consolidation - Center for Drug Evaluation & Research (CDER) 2 Office Building Tunnel Extension Silver Spring, Maryland

Silver Spring, MD
Owner: General Services Administration & Honeywell Building Solutions
Architect: Sebesta Blomberg
Engineer: Sebesta Blomberg
Contract Value: $1 Million

The CDER 2 Office Building is part of a multi-building consolidated campus for the Food and Drug Administration located in Silver Spring, MD.  Pierce Associates performed the mechanical and plumbing installation for this building and was contracted separately to extend the hot water and chilled water services from the existing utility tunnel to the tie-in point at the CDER 2 Office Building.  The utility tunnel connects the Life Sciences Building to the CDER 2 Office Building below ground.  

This project included the design, coordination and installation of approximately 1000' of 20" chilled water supply and return piping and 1000' of 10" hot water supply and return piping.  In addition, four sets of future taps of various sizes were installed with high-performance butterfly valves to accommodate the planned campus expansion.  This project had a very compressed schedule due to the need for construction cooling at the CDER 2 Office Building.