FAB No. 1 – Dominion Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility

Manassas, VA
Owner: Dominion Semiconductor Corporation
Architect: IDC
Engineer: IDC
Contract Value: Base Building
$30 Million

Pilot Line Tool Install
$9.7 Million

This facility is a state-of-the-art “chip” manufacturing plant owned and operated by Dominion Semiconductor Corporation.  At its completion, the base building set a world record for size and duration of construction.  Pierce Associate’s involvement with this project began in April 1996 with the coordination, fabrication, and installation of the Make-Up Air Supply, Recirculated Air Supply, Smoke Exhaust and Scrubbed Exhaust Systems in the base building.  That work, which merited Pierce the Star Award for 1996 from the Washington Building Congress, posed unique challenges involving schedule (coordination, fabrication, and installation of more than one million pounds of ductwork in approximately three months) and cleanliness.

Next, Pierce undertook coordination, fabrication, and installation of low purity duct and pipe systems for approximately 175 tools on the “Pilot Tool Line”.  That work, again involving world-class standards of time and cleanliness, was performed on a T & M basis.  Pierce earned a Craftsmanship Award for HVAC work from the Washington Building Congress for that work.